The Wanna Be Vegetable Gardener

Hello and welcome to my blog.  This blogs purpose is to document my journey as a beginner in the world of vegetable growing.  I hope you will not only join me on the journey but more importantly help and guide me when I need help and guidance; I will be very pleased and relieved to receive any advice you would be willing to send my way.

It’s not that I have never grown vegetables before, I have.  My vegetable beds are actually a couple of years old now.  But I’ve never been very good at it.  I need to get my proverbial together, stop messing about and apply myself a whole lot more.

As things are yet to really get going, I will be posting weekly for the next couple of weeks….. but things will hot up soon enough and I aim to post twice weekly from about May onwards.

My goal?  To be able to feed my family (that’s four of us – two adults and two little boys) at least partly from the vegetable garden this summer.  I could go ahead all guns blazing and declare that we will be self-sufficeint in vegetables this year (ahem, like I have the past 3 years, only to grow a few carrots and beans!) But not this year.  This year I am going to try and learn how to do it properly.  Learn from you.  And if you are a beginner too – we can go on this journey together.  Journeys are always better when they are shared.  So come on board – subscribe via email and share with me via comments and photos how you are faring.  Lets share and learn and do amazing things with our amazing produce!


6 responses to “The Wanna Be Vegetable Gardener

  1. Our goals seem very similar! Though I have never planted anything before untill recently! Good luck!

  2. Yup! Meee too! Check out my blog – we are doing very similar things. Good luck and we’ll be in touch! 🙂

  3. hey guys, I have been growing vegetables for more then 10 years now and still learning new stuff every year. spring is allways so exiting and full of promises. if you want check out my blog

  4. Hi Commonredstart, would love you to pass on some of your expertise to me. Check out this weeks post on Saturday, I have some questions about fertilising/compost for my plots…..

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