Organic or Chemical Pest Control?

Never sew seeds when the moon in waning.

Another gardening old wives tale that has been boosted by scientific research.  It does appear that rain is statistically more likely after a new moon.  Something to do with the way the moon affects the earths magnetic field (tides don’t just happen in the sea apparently!)  So, if we want our seeds to get a good soaking after you have planted them then the best time to plant is after the full moon.  A spring full moon that is!

This week has been a little quiet in the vegetable garden but on the plus side the sun has been shining.  I have pottered and pulled a few weeds and watched as the slugs and snails have made a determined effort to demolish all of my spinach seedlings.  I am against using chemical snail pellets as I don’t like the knock on effects of wildlife eating the affected slugs and getting ill or dying themselves.  I would much rather sacrifce some leaves and plants and have healthy wildlife in and about the garden.

What are your views on pest control for your vegetables and plants.  Do you use non-organic products or chemical products and why?

© Simone L Woods 2012


3 responses to “Organic or Chemical Pest Control?

  1. I control many garden pest using soap water with an assortment of added organic ingredients. However squash bugs, potato and cucumber beetles call for an all out industrial chemical control.

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